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Malty body.
Firm bitterness.
Toffee sweetness. 
Mild fruity finish. 

Resinous pine and

citrus notes. Hoppy. 

Flavourful with a 

lingering finish. 

Strong malt base. 
Distinctive marmalade character.

Lingering hoppy finish.

Clean and bitter.

 Dry finish.

Tropical fruit and

citrus flavours. 

Light bodied.


Notes of grapefruit

and stone fruit.

Low bitterness.

Pronounced tropical and

stone fruit characteristics.

High in flavour and aroma. 

Light bodied.

Vibrant hops.

Tropical, pine

and citrus flavour.

Tart. Passion fruit flavour. 

Hints of banana and clove. Light bodied, low bitterness.

 Hazy, highly carbonated. 

Rich and full bodied.

Roast coffee notes.

Sweet chocolate malt

and vanilla flavour.

Crisp and Clean.

Gentle bitterness.

Malty finish.

Unfined, naturally hazy.

Made with naturally pure Cannabidiol. Hemp extract & hops create citrus flavours. Resinous, low in bitterness.


Citrus and pine notes.

Hint of spice.

Fruity and floral aromas. Slightly bitter finish.

An independent, family run craft brewery in the heart of Highgate, London. Founded by brother sister duo, Rob and Sam Laub the brewery is focused on creating an eclectic, deliciously drinkable range with an emphasis on handcrafted quality. 


Beer runs in their family, their grandmother was born and raised in a south London pub and made sure to pass on her passion for beer.


The brewery works with little automation, so a whole lot of care and hard work goes into every brew. All beers, apart from the real ales, are unfined and unfiltered, which means they are vegan, retain a natural haze and even more flavour. 

If you want to try our beer, buy our beer or talk about stocking our beer, please get in touch or come visit us behind The Bull in Highgate.


Don’t just take our word for why you should try a Gorgeous Pint: 

“The North London brewing scene is certainly pretty vibrant right now and Gorgeous Brewery is now firmly in the firmament.” - BeerInsider.com 

“True to its name, the brewery is every bit as Gorgeous as we were promised. And that's not the beer talking.” - Telegraph online 

“This the BEST! Most delicious, AMAZING beer I have EVER tried. EVER!” - Mum 

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Gorgeous Brewery mash tun
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Gorgeous Brewery brewing
Gorgeous Brewery
Gorgeous Brewery


Come chill in our Garden. You can check out the brewery, grab food from The Bull pub and try all our beers. 


Designed to feel like a back garden, we want everyone to feel at home here. 


It's open from noon till 8pm and till 9pm at the weekend. 





The Bull, 13 North Hill, Highgate, London, N6 4AB

To place an order: orders@gorgeousbrewery.com
To chat with the sales team: sales@gorgeousbrewery.com
For general enquiries: brewers@gorgeousbrewery.com
Phone: 07714649988
               SUN – THUR:  12:00 – 20:00
 FRI: 12:00 – 21:00  
SAT: 10:00 - 21:00


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